On this page, you’ll find the Landscape For Life Instructor’s Manual, presentation templates for all five classes in the series, and the Landscape For Life Student’s Manual available for download.

The presentations closely follow the information in the Instructor’s Manual. Most slides contain a notes section with an overview of the materials covered as well as image descriptions and credits. These files are available as compatible PowerPoint presentations and give instructors the ability to customize materials to meet the needs of their class. In fact, there are places where we encourage the instructor to add specific regional material to the slide presentations.

Additionally, due to differences in computers and PowerPoint software, the font style, size and image location may shift slightly. Instructors should review the presentations using the equipment that will be used in the classroom prior to beginning the course and adjust accordingly for best appearance and usability.

By downloading this material, you understand that images used in the PowerPoint slides are not in the public domain and should not be used for purposes other than in the Landscape For Life class presentations.

Manuals and PowerPoints

Please click links below to download the Manual or PowerPoints. If you are interested in printing and binding the manuals, you may download the documents and utilize an online printing service company to print and bind them.

Landscape For Life Instructor’s Manual PDF (6.6MB)

Landscape For Life Student’s Manual PDF (6MB)

Class #1 – Powerpoint Slides (81.2 MB)

Class #2 – Powerpoint Slide (32.2 MB)

Class #3 – Powerpoint Slide (99 MB)

Class #4 – Powerpoint Slide (73 MB)

Class #5 – Powerpoint Slides (40.5 MB)

All Classes – Powerpoint Slides (318.12 MB)

Archived Publications

Please click the links below to download and print archived publications from the Landscape For Life program. Please note, archived publications are no longer in print.

The Value of Sustainable Landscapes PDF, 2010 (53 KB)

Landscapes Give Back brochure PDF, 2010 (882 KB)

Landscape For Life brochure PDF, 2011 (2.2 MB)

The Case for Sustainable Landscapes PDF, 2010 (2.85 MB)

LFL Certificate of Completion PDF, 2016 (397 KB)


Landscape For Life includes a complete kit of teaching resources which can be used to conduct classes in sustainable home gardening. Become a teacher using Landscape For Life's self-paced webinar series.

Landscape For Life™ is a collaboration between the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the United States Botanic Garden based on the principles of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES®).