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      Since the teacher’s forum is not currently up, thought I’d say hello and briefly introduce myself. First, I want to say thanks! This is a gold mine (compost pile?) of very useful information! I found LFL after I was asked to develop a class in home garden sustainability and followed links from Sustainable Sites. I admit to some whooping and hollering once I realized the wealth of resources here!

      In the spirit of ‘it takes a village’, I’m doubly happy to find others working on teaching these courses, adapting them to our home communities and ecosystems.

      I’m Don Boekelheide, in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’ll be offering the series here through UNC Charlotte’s Botanical Garden beginning in March 2019. Look forward to working with you all on a hopeful and vitally important project that potentially enlists everyone’s participation in being good stewards of our planet, beginning right in our own backyards (and front yards too).

      I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas and notes from the field. Meanwhile, happy holidays to all!

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