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Very good points, Rachel. As an experienced trainer (Peace Corps taught me) I didn’t really like the split presentation style of the original workshops. My classes start again tomorrow, via Zoom, after a year of everything being cancelled.

So –

1. don’t know how Zoom will affect things, but I did use the 6 session of 2 hrs each. That is a reasonable amount of time, 12 hours, to cover quite a bit of territory.
2. I adapted the workshops by chunking like with like, essentially.
3. I added, rather than a field trip, a class project, essentially following the lead of the LFL projects, then had presentations from the class the last night.
4. We didn’t need field trips because we were at a university botanical garden, and could just walk outside! It was great. Now, well –
>has anyone come up with any virtual tours?
> any good videos – Dr Tallamy holding forth? -on the short end to break up the Zoom sessions. 2 hours on Zoom can work fine, or not…

Back to work, usual frenzy just before going live (or whatever this is in the age of Zoom and COVID…)