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Keren Giovengo

Program Manager, EcoScapes Sustainable Land Use Program
University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant
715 Bay Street
Brunswick, GA 31520

Phone: 912-280-1586
Contact by: email
LFL Training Date: Spring 2013

About this Instructor

Keren is the program manager of the UGA Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant EcoScapes Sustainable Land Use Program based out of Brunswick, GA. Keren's career as an ecologist (with background and experience in wildlife toxicology, environmental contaminants, and protection of endangered and threatened species and their habitats) ultimately brought her to her passion of education and outreach regarding the integration of sound ecological principles with landscapes. She has been working since 2009 to develop, fund, and implement a UGA MAREX program (EcoScapes, currently in transition in 2014 from the former CoastScapes program) which advocates for responsible stewardship of land, water, and natural resources in land use development and landscaping practices in Georgia. In order to accommodate expanding urban growth, people’s related activities, and to balance growing demands on the state’s natural resources, EcoScapes works to help mitigate negative environmental impacts by promoting comprehensive natural resource-based sustainable land use concepts, best management practices, tools, and resources to guide the preservation and sustenance of the state’s natural resources. EcoSccapes engage Georgians in applying the best available scientific knowledge and use its public outreach extension and education capabilities to support the development of sustainable communities that are economically and socially inclusive, supported by diverse and vibrant economies, and function within the carrying capacity of their natural ecosystems. The broad goal is to help Georgia communities identify and promote a sustainable balance between natural resource conservation and necessary economic growth by determining the most effective means to ensure healthy and sustained ecosystems. EcoScapes strives to achieve this goal through technical assistance, outreach and education, development of sustainable land use development and landscaping tools, research support, and encouragement and recognition of innovative tools and behaviors in Georgia communities, businesses, and citizens.

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state of Georgia

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